Other Products

In addition to MEB’s range of retail products, we also have products available to order directly from the MEB Bakery.

We can also make custom products to cater for your needs.

Superfoods Organic Wraps

Fuel your active and healthier lifestyle with wraps the way nature intended. There are three super varieties available, each packed with Superfoods goodness;

Chickpeas, Quinoa & Beetroot Chia, Spinach, Kale & Broccoli Oats, Amaranth & Cacao.

The Superfoods Organic Wraps range is Australia Organic Certified. Certification ensures compliance with national production standards and allows trace back of all products to their origin.


Sorj is the Lebanese name for the up-turned metal dish which the bread is cooked on over a fire!

It’s Australia’s most versatile yeast Free range of breads and can be used as a base for sweet and savory roll-ups. Makes great lunches, dips and wraps. And a cook’s delight when preparing lasagne, cannelloni and pies – not to mention pizzas, crepes & jaffles for the kids.

Sorj is prepared and baked as is the custom of the ancient mountain people of Lebanon, keeping the traditional qualities of ultra-thin bread. The soft, fresh texture is a big favourite with kids. It provides natural energy they need while they learn and play.


Our authentic Flat Bread differentiates itself from wraps and pita breads as it truly is the bread for all occasions.

Our Flat Bread’s uniqueness comes from the versatility in its applications for all meal occasions.