Chicken & Chickpea Wrap

A new lunchtime favourite it’s fresh and zingy but also very filling with the chicken and the chickpeas. Perfect with Khobz wraps, available in white, wholemeal, high-fibre and rye.

Prep Time 15 MINS
Skill Level
Serves Two


2 pieces Khobz wraps

1 piece chicken breast, grilled & sliced

1/2 cup chickpeas

1 small block feta cheese

50g fresh flat leaf parsley

5 slices grilled sweet potato


  1. Take your first piece of Khobz and place it in the centre of the plate.
  2. Begin layering your fillings by starting with the sweet potato, chickpeas, feta then chicken.
  3. Top the ingredients with parsley
  4. Fold the wrap by making a small fold at the base, then folding one side in ensuring you cover all the fillings with the bread. Roll the remaining side together until your wrap is combined.